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Happy Labor Day weekend, Yay!!!  I hope everyone has fun plans for this last unofficial weekend of summer...booo:(  Today I wanted to touch base on a topic that I really haven't found info for-Lake Beauty.
What to take to the lake.  Well I've been going to the lake every other weekend this whole summer so I pretty much have it down to an art.  I know a lot of you are thinking, really? Beauty at the lake? Of course! Why not?!  Now I don't mean wearing globs of makeup and furs, but what I consider essentials.  I like to look good always, even if it's just to the grocery store, you just never know. 

What I pack:

3 day weekend: 
*3 pairs of mesh shorts
*3-4 tank tops
*2-3 bathing suits
*1-2 cover ups
* 2 pairs of flip flops
*2-3 pairs of sunglasses
*1-2 hats

*Sunscreen (very important~one for face and one for body) 2-3 bottles
*Travel size
  -face wash & face wipes
  -toner/ eye make up remover (for waterproof mascara)
  -eye cream
  -body lotion/ soap/ razor
  -tooth brush/ toothpaste
  -floss picks
  -brush/comb/ hairspray
  -elastic bands/ head bands
  - feminine products (just in case)
  -Cotton balls and q-tips
  -tweezers ( for eyebrows, or in case of splinter)
  -Nail clipper and file (someone always asks me one)
  -deodorizer for the bathroom
  -first aid kit
  -bug zappers

*Tinted moisturizer w/spf
*ysl concealer
*bronzer- chanel cream bronzer
*cream blush
*1- cream eyeshadow and primer (rubinesque from Mac)
*gloss--maybelline baby lips
*ysl mascara

A very minimal look, but still looks fresh.  I'm in my 30's so I don't wake up looking fabulous, I gotta work at it a little:)  I also pack a phone charger, camera, wallet, book, ipod, and phone, towels, wash cloths, and laundry bags.

**Ear plugs are a must if you're a light sleeper like me.  Guys can get pretty loud when they get together, so when I tuck in early, I have to have ear plugs.I also bring my own pillow with me, satin pillowcase of course.  The bed in the camper is comfortable, but having my pillow makes it that much better.  That's what I take to the lake...I take a lot more, such as food and drinks, but these are what I take every time and I don't miss a thing.  Take care guys and have a safe and wonderful weekend!  Please comment and let me know what you take...

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Must have beauty tool!

I just ordered this from Neiman Marcus a few weeks ago, and I love it!  I colored my hair back to its natural color, so I needed a color that would closely match my eyebrows to my hair color.  This brow pencil is a universal shade and the application is amazing... it creates a naturally polished look for women of every skin tone and hair color.

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MAC and Marilyn!

Excited to report that Mac Cosmetics is debuting their special makeup collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe's glam beauty. The limited-edition line (in partnership with Authentic Brands Group) includes nearly 30 products -- eye shadow, lipstick (think retro red and hot pink), nail lacquer and eyeliner -- and will arrive in stores in October.

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Beauty tip: This one's a keeper

Look down at a mirror when you're applying eyeliner.  When you look down into a mirror your eyes stay open, as opposed to looking straight at it.  It works perfect every time.  So if you're having a hard time getting the lines straight like I was doing, try this and let me know how it works for you!  Have a great Tuesday!

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July Favorites!

Wow, this month flew by!  Just seemed like I did June Favorites.  Anyway, I hope you all had a great month and cheers to another.  Let me just start by saying I had a lot of favorites this month, but I will only name my absolute favorites, products that I could use all year long.


Shower gel: Earth Lovers Apricot & Basil Shower Gel from The Body Shop, $10.  It is sulphate, paraben, colorant and soap free.  This has a fantastic scent and it lathers well.

Lotion Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion, Whole Foods, $10-11. I've been using this for two months now. Very hydrating, but never oily.

Perfume: Okay so maybe I can't use this all year long, but I will definitely use it until September 21, or until someone tells me I smell fruity during Thanksgiving! It's Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum, $48, Neiman Marcus.  I received a sample in my birchbox and fell in love with it.  My mom also had the hand lotion, so that basically sealed the deal because I had a bigger sample to test from. 


Moisturizer: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Base, $52, Dillards.  This moisturizer is a little pricey, but I like the consistency.  I have combination skin, so it's moisturizing enough for my dry and oily areas without leaving a film.  It also has a primer in it, so whenever I'm not using a BB cream, I use this.

Eye Cream: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, $46, Dillards.  This has been working really well under my makeup, no creasing!  Although I'm still in search of the miracle eye cream that will brighten and take the puffiness away instantaneously.  Until then I'll use this one.

Foundation: I have too many to name.  Pretty soon, I'll list them all in another post.

Powder: Nars Pressed Powder.  Not sure of the price, but I would assume anywhere between $25-35 for it.  I've hit pan on my powder and that's rare for me.  I usually use so many powders that I don't give any certain one time to hit pan. <3 it="it" love="love" p="p">

MascaraYSL Shocking Mascara, $30, Neiman Marcus.  I talk about this mascara in one of my videos.  You have to wipe off some of the product on a tissue before applying, otherwise you'll have tarantula eyes, which is fine if you prefer that look.  I on the other hand, like a more natural, False eyelash look.  It has true staying power as well, except when I jumped in the lake the other day and it ran a bit, but nothing horrid.  For a waterproof mascara, try my favorite, Fairydrops Scandal Queen at Sephora.

Lips: I've been loving The Dior Addict Lip Glow, $30, Sephora. It's your lips only better!  Love it forever!!!

Tool: Nars Eyelash Curler, $20, Neiman Marcus.  I love this more than the Shu Eumera Eyelash curler, yeah I said it!  I love the black and it feels light and airy like titanium. So exquisite!

That's it, those are my July favorites. Tell me what your favorites are.  Don't forget to watch my Youtube channel, cyberta888, and follow me on  xoxo

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