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I got a few questions about the brushes in my last blog, so I thought I'd do a blog post showing you what brushes I love and frequently grab.  The brush holder is from Sephora, and I picked it up in LA when the zipper on my last brush holder broke.  It's a little bulky and there's not a lot of room for the brushes to be stacked.

Starting from left to right:

Make Up For Ever 158 Double-Ended Sculpting Brush, $53, Sephora
I use this brush with my bronzer to sculpt and blend.  I like that it's multi-purpose and the hairs are very         soft.
Rae Morris Brush 23: Liquid Foundation, $70, Raemorris.com.  These brushes were a splurge for me, but I just love the application.  The bristles are very soft and the  application is flawless.  I have several other stippling brushes, but having this Rae Morris brush, I never think twice about grabbing for the others.
Sephora Pro Allover Shadow Brush #12, $20.  I use this brush to apply my eye primer; and for concealer as well if I'm in a hurry and don't want to be too precise with the application.  It's fluffy but compact enough to give pretty good coverage.  It's like a mini foundation brush.  
MAC Concealer Brush.  I couldn't find this brush online, but I use it sometimes to apply my concealer. It's like a mini, flat stippling brush.
MAC 217 Blending Brush, $24.  This is a cult favorite, and my favorite eye shadow brush.  It's small enough to apply shadow to the lids, but soft enough to also use in the crease.  When I'm in a hurry this is my go to brush for both a quick lid and crease application.
Sephora Pro Shadow Brush #14, $20.  This is a great shadow brush. It's my favorite to use on the lids.
Sephora Pro Crease Brush #10, $22.  I use this to apply shadow all over my eye, as a blending brush or both.  It's soft and blends well.
MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush, $34.  I think this brush is too small to be considered a foundation brush.  So I use it for my "must need lots of concealer" days.
Rae Morris Fan Brush 25, $20, Raemorris.com  I use this for highlighting my cheeks, down the middle of my nose, above my lips, etc.
Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush, $42.  I use this mainly as a powder brush if I want a little more coverage than my Rae Morris brush. It blends well, it's soft and I've had this for a few years.  Bobbi Brown makes very durable brushes.
Rae Morris Face Brush 22, $90, Raemorris.com This is the softest brush I've ever used, even compared to Shu Uemera which I thought were the softest.  It is pricey, so if you don't want to spend the money, a good alternative is the Bobbi Brown powder brush, $62, or the Real Techniques brushes are great brushes as well and super affordable (@ Ulta).
MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush, $35.  I use this brush to apply cream blushes and bronzers.  It's compact and hits the cheeks perfectly.
MAC Mini Shader Brush, $20.  I don't use this brush often, but when I do, I use it to create a more defined eye, and/or a darker lid.
MAC Pointed Eye Shader.  I also couldn't find this brush online, but I use it to create a smoky eye.
Tarte Double-Ended Camouflage tool, $35, Sephora.  I use this brush to place and set my concealer.  The spongy pointed applicator applies concealer in areas where a bigger brush just isn't as functional; sides of nose, around mouth, smaller areas.  I use the bristle side to pat concealer down wherever more coverage is needed.

Bottom Row:

Real techniques, Shading Brush, $5.99, Ulta.  I also use this as a concealer brush and it is my favorite at the moment. It's soft and it blends well.
Sephora Pro Brow Brush #20, $15. I use this brush to apply my gel liner. It's thin, precise, and a little flimsly which makes it great for gel liner.  I have another brush that I use for my brows which is the Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush, my favorite for brows.
Mint Brush 12 Concealer, $14, mintbrushes.com  I purchased these mint brushes after watching one of my favorite youtube makeup artists (MakeupbyEman) use these brushes (her own line). They are soft, functional and affordable.
Mint Brush 16 Contour, $18 I use this right now as my blush brush, but this line has recently released the powder and blush brushes which I will be purchasing.
Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush, $33.  I use this brush solely to set my concealer with powder.  It's soft and doesn't drag in my eye area.  I love it and have been using the same brush for many years.

I realized while writing this blog that I have a real problem collecting concealer brushes.  However, if I had to pick my favorites out of this collection it would have to be the Real Techniques, the Mint and the Sephora Pro brush. Sorry I can't just pick one.  Hope you enjoyed this blog!  Let me know in the comment section what your favorite brushes are.

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June favorites 2014!

With the new season comes of course new products.  I've been trying out new makeup lately and wanted to share with you what I am loving so far.

Sigma Palette: Smoke Screen, $39, sigma.com
I saw a YouTube tutorial of Sona Gasparian, a makeup artist, using colors from this palette to create a daytime smoky look.  I loved the look so much that I bought the palette and have been creating that look for awhile now. 

Sigma Blush, Born to, $12, Sigma.com
This was also part of the look that Sona created as mentioned above. Beautiful plum color.

Napolean Perdis Contour Cheek Palette, $39, NeimanMarcus
I love this palette, the highlight is not too shimmery, the blush is a beautiful flush color and the bronzer is dark enough to contour but doesn't make you look muddy or glittery.  Very comparable to Urban Decay's Naked flushed, $30, which is also a favorite!

Mac Pro Concealer Palette, Medium.
I don't use this as an under eye concealer, but it is great for covering blemishes and contouring.

NYX lip liners: Any color they have is great.
Urban Decay lip gloss: Naked, $20
Lorac pro mascara; and another favorite is the YSL babydoll mascara, $30 and Tarte's Lights, Camera, Flashes, $23 ...this is good for being out in the sun or water.  It's not waterproof, but it's pretty water resistant, and it's easier to take off than waterproof.
Benefit gimme brow gel: $22
Urban Decay eye liner: Perversion, $20

*Leave a comment if you want to know specifics about the brushes.

Next week check my blog for my Summer Must Haves!

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