I am in love with this brow gel!  I've used every pencil, pen, powder, chalk for my brows, okay well maybe not chalk, but everything under the sun and this has to be my favorite all time brow gel.  According to the description on Sephora's website, it's a long-lasting, smudge-proof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines, and lengthens brows.  I've been using this product for about two weeks now and I can say that it lives up to its claims.  I squeeze a little dot on my hand, dab my angled brush in it and go to work.  It literally takes no time to apply and it lasts all day.  If your in the market for a new brow product, I highly recommend this brow gel.

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"9 reasons why I LOVE my husband"

This year I decided to do the 12 days of Christmas with my husband.  Counting down from the 14th of December to Christmas day I have to come up with a creative way to show him how much I care.  So far this is what I've come up with:

Day 12 he received a 24 month subscription to Muscle Magazine .I chose 24, well for no apparent reason other than it's 2x 12.  It was that or a dozen cookies, although I think he might have appreciated the cookies instead.

Day 11 I chose to take him to see the Hobbit.  There are double B's in Hobbit as there are double 1's in 11.

Day 10 I uploaded a playlist of the 10 songs that reminded me of him.

Day 9 is today so I decided to do a blog post titled "9 reasons why I love my husband." I could do over 100, but I had to narrow it down to fit with the theme.

So here they are:

9. I love that you talk baby with me, even though you probably think it's silly.

8. I love the way you voice sounds over the phone.

7. I love that you have big hands but a gentle touch.

6. I love your ambition, hard work and determination.

5. I love how you demand respect but are not controlling.

4. I love that you take care of us.

3. I love how I would do anything in this world to make you happy.

2. I love how you would do anything in this world to make me happy.

1. I love you for you!

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E.L.F palettes..Today Only! $33

I got an email today from the Coupon Diva and this is an awesome deal.  Today only, you can snag this e.l.f. Studio Complete Set of 3 Makeup Palettes for just $33 ($95 retail)! Be sure to use coupon code 3GIFTS at checkout. Shipping adds $6.95 so this is a really nice savings! This special price from e.l.f. Cosmetics is good 11/15/12,so don’t delay!

Become your own makeup artist with the Complete Set of 3 Makeup Palettes! These convenient and complete makeup collections for your eyes, lips and face allow you to create endless looks for any occasion. Features all 3 of our top-rated Studio Makeup Palettes: the NEW 27-Piece Mini, the 83-Piece Essential, and the 141-Piece Master for over 250 pieces of makeup heaven!

Collection includes:

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New YOUTUBE Channel!

Just a little update...I have a new YouTube channel. I was trying to convert email accounts and somehow lost all of my videos, however, older videos can still be viewed on Cyberta888; but my NEW channel is MyCybertaBeauty.  I will update on this blog when new videos are posted, or you can go to my channel and subscribe and you will automatically know when I post new videos.  Thank you:)  Have a happy hump day!!!

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~Fall Nail Haul~

I'm back with a Fall Nail Haul.  When I saw these products on Neiman Marcus, I had to have them!
Here are the products in no particular order.  The first is Deborah Lippmann Fast Track, $40.  This would make a great Christmas gift for the teen or woman in your life who loves nail products.
The set includes:       *Cuticle Remover
                                *Cuticle Oil
                                *2 second nail primer
                                *Fast girls quick dry base coat
                                *Addicted to speed quick dry top coat

Deborah Lippmann Glamorous Life...a beautiful Rose Gold, and this picture does it no justice!

Deborah Lippmann Private Dancer...fabulous pear/purple color.  Can't wait to see it on my nails!!!

Deborah Lippmann Nefertiti...a holiday gold.  I've been looking for the perfect gold and to me this screams out New Year Eve Party!!!  I love it even more because it has gold flecks and not glitter. Glitter is so hard to remove from your nails.

Deborah Lippmann Believe...this nail polish was free with my purchase.  It's a silver, gold and pearl combined.

I also bought Tweezerman Stainless Steel combo clippers with catcher; and Tweezerman Matchbox Itty Bitty  Nail Files.  I just filmed a YouTube video showcasing everything I bought, and if you want to see these products, just visit my YouTube channel; MyCybertaBeauty Video will be uploaded sometime today. Have a great day!!!

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~October Favorites~

Another month has flown by and it's time for October favorites.  Around this time of year, I feel like where I live, the desert. My hair dries out, my skin, and so when I buy products in the fall they are going to be mostly moisturizing products.

1. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Nourishing Anti-dandruff Shampoo Volumizing Root Boost....whew, that's a long name.  I love this shampoo.  It cleanses my hair without stripping the moisture from it. I wash my hair every other day, so aside from my Lush Big, I use this about 75% of the time, or I'll combine the two.

2. My second favorite product of the month is, old faithful: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion.  I love Palmers, it's very moisturizing and not the least bit greasy.  Not too many people are fond of the smell, but I don't mind it.  As long as it does the job and people aren't avoiding me it doesn't bother me.  It works really well if your pregnant, and want to avoid stretch marks.  I know those evil little things are totally avoidable, but using this on your body everyday more than 2x a day will help a lot, and in places where stretch marks are prone to appear: Breasts, back of arms, stomach, thighs, buttocks, back, calves.  Even if you start to itch, don't scratch just rub some lotion on it.

3. Benefit Skin Care.  I received a sample of Benefit's Foamingly Facial Wash. I tried it, liked the smell and the way it cleansed my skin, so I thought I'd give the full size bottle a try. (Warning: It did burn my eyes a bit). Well I didn't stop there, so I also bought the Refined Facial Polish and the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion.  So far I've been loving all three.

The next product I've been loving are the Loreal Lip Butters, more specifically in the colors Pink truffle and Berry Smoothie.  If you haven't tried these before I recommend that you do.  They are very moisturizing, never tacky and come in beautiful colors.

The candle of the month has to be Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside.  I'm in love with this scent.  I bought a couple of full sized candles for my home and a few minis for my office a few weeks ago.  Everyone tells me how good I smell. I just smile and let them believe it's me. I can't be too modest, I'm not that great!jk BBW is having their 2/$20 sale on 3 wick candles...get them while they're hot and still available.  Just made an online purchase last night, and will be going to my local BBW after work today to get some more. Don't judge. Oh Leaves came in at a close 2nd.

Lastly, scent of the month.  Blackberry and Bay Cologne.  It's fruity, yet warm like a musk. It's a very inviting scent.  I talked about this in a blog post a few weeks back. Check it out if you're interested, but I like-y this scent.

Those are my October Favorites, hope you enjoyed.  Let me know what your favorites are.

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Product of the Month!

With October swiflty coming to an end, I thought I'd write a quick post about my favorite product of the month before I do a favorites video.  I know it's been a while since I've made a video, but I'm slowly gathering up the equipment I need to make quality videos.  I made a video the other day and realized the sound is horrible, so I'm going to improve on some things and hopefully I can have that favorites video up by next week.  Anyway, enough of my rambling, without further ado...My favorite product of the month has been:

Laura Geller's Bronze-n-Brighten.  It's a baked bronzer with multiple color infusions.  It reminds me of Bare Minerals warm.  I first used this in the spring, and now that my tan has faded I love the warmth it brings to my face for fall.  I add it to my cheeks, the sides of my nose, forehead and then I add a touch of blush to the apples to make my cheeks pop.  Laura Geller has some great products, but this is my favorite by far! Hope you all are having a wonderful morning...xoxo 

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Hair Color Fail of the Week!

The prize for worst hair decision ever goes to.....Brooklyn Decker! She went from Ultra-fab to Ultra-DRAB.  I don't like it at all. She looks younger no doubt, but it just doesn't give her that star quality. Let me know what you think? Do you like it?

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Is your foundation aging you?

I don't know about you, but I HATE looking older.  I don't mind getting older; there's a certain finesse one achieves with age, but the sun spots, lines, and marionnette thank you!  So I've been feeling a little under the weather lately.  I wasn't sure if it was the change of seasons or what, but now I realized... it was my foundation that was making me look and feel bad.  Yes, my foundation, I know I'm shallow.  Nonetheless, my skin was just lookin' kinda old and masky.  The foundation culprit: Laura Mercier's Cream Foundation.  I know I know, I'm a beauty sinner for even saying that out loud, but it's true. So I decided to switch back to what I was using sparingly in the summer, which was the Makeup Forever Face and Body foundation.  What a difference it made, my gosh!  Don't get me wrong, LM's Cream Foundation is AWESOME if you like and need/want more coverage.  I just realized after 30-some odd years of trying to conceal every flaw, I didn't want or need it anymore.  I like seeing my skin; I like to glow a little; but with the heavy foundation on I wasn't glowing at all.  It completely matted out my face and I was overcompensating by slathering on blush and hi-light.  Not the way to go if you are in your 30's.  I was basically just hi-lighting everything I wanted to cover.  So there you have it, my beauty revelation rant.  I love both products, but I realized what I love and what I need are two different things.  So if you feel like you're in the same boat, try something new or go back to something old. Switch it up, Have Fun! 

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Awesome Yankee Candle Deal!

Hey Beauties,

I know a lot of you beauty readers out there love candles...well here's a good deal for you! is having a Buy one Get one 1/2 off sale.  So here's the deal I scored.  I bought the large jar candle of the Pumpkin Buttercream $27.99; 1 large jar candle of the Cranberry Chutney $13.99 (1/2 off); and car stick vents--Peppermint $5.99.  Now the deal isn't the B1G1 1/2 off, it's when you spend over $45, use offer code RMN12, you get $20 off your order.  So for all three items I paid $27.97. Shipping is $5.00 but that is a great deal.  I bought two candles and car fresheners for the price of 1 Large candle.  I don't know how long this deal will last, but if you don't need any more candles in your home, and who doesn't? You can always buy them as gifts for Christmas.

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Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne

I just bought Jo Malone's new fragrance, Blackberry and Bay Cologne.  It's fruity, yet warm like a musk. It's a very inviting scent. It had a richer scent in the sample I received in the mail (they always do), so that is what I expected from the bottle..not so much.  I do love the lingering scent though.  I will try it a few more days and let you know what I think.  So far so good:)

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~Lancome Artliner~

I just got a delivery and it's my new Lancome Artliner in Smoke.  I first learned about this eyeliner from dope2111 on YouTube.  I was watching her Halloween tutorials and she used this eyeliner in a lot of her videos.  I just loved how easy it was for her to work with it and I especially liked the flexibility of the pen. I also bought it because the description says it's long lasting.  I ordered it in the color smoke, which I thought was going to be a dark-gray, turns out it is more of a blue-gray.  I am now going to order it in brown.  Black is a little to harsh for my skin tone and eye color, and it can age you, so I stay away from black eyeliner and mascara. 

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Victoria's Secret Pink store inside Cowboys stadium!

 I'm so glad to be reporting this because I've been looking online at for the perfect game top and I haven't been able to find one.  I knew VS had some stuff online, but they've added much more to their selection recently, and now they've VS Pink has opened a store in the Cowboys stadium.  Woohoo! My husband likes the cowboys, so naturally I had to follow suit to keep the peace in the clan, but this makes it so much easier to like them even MORE!!!! What better way for cowboys fans (46% women) to spend halftime than shopping.  They have team-themed T-shirts and sweatshirts to sports bras and lingerie.
Let's face it ladies, we just want to be supportive and look sexy doing it! I hate wearing over sized jerseys, the cut is always wrong, the material is heavy, it smells funny and it makes me look heavier than I am.
Other teams have collaborated with Pink, but the Cowboys are the first team to launch a major store in the stadium.  What's better than blinged-out sweatshirts — and even Cowboys-themed thongs and bras, well...Margaritas come in a close second.

Check out my other blog: for more beauty, fitness and lifestyle ramblings.  Halloween is coming up and I'd like to get a contest together, so tell your friends..the more subscribers, the better prizes!

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Free Wet & Wild Nail Polish at CVS!

Good morning nail fanatics, just found out today from the that there's a sale on Wet & Wild Shine Nail Polish at CVS, Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Buy 1 @ .99 and get the 2nd one Free. That's a total of .50 cents each.  You can't beat that! Get them while they last...I'm heading over there today:)

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September Favorites!

I cannot believe October is already here... Well, I hope you all had a good month. I did.  Here's my list of favorites for September.  I really haven't changed my beauty routine in awhile so I am looking for a new skin cleanser for combo skin. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below. 


LUSH Happy Hippy shower gel, $9.95 3oz. I tried the smallest size because I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it and didn't want to commit to a large bottle, but I love it! I love the smell.  It's very energizing and zesty.

Fresh Ctiron De Vigne Body Lotion, $22.50, 10oz.

My friend turned me on to this scent two years ago, this month.  I went to visit her in Vegas, and she smelled so good.  Turns out it was this baby. So now during the fall, this is my go to scent of choice.  It's a little pricey, but it's feels and smells luxurious.


Laura Mercier Eye Primer, $24.  I've been using this primer since May or so, and I will probably continue using it.  I used to use Urban Decay primer potion, but this one is much better and it seems to last a really long time.  My eyelids are pretty oily, but with this on my lids my shadow never creases. 

Dior Brow Styler, $29, Sephora.  I love this brow pencil. It comes as a retractable pencil, and although the tip is ultra fine, it doesn't feel brittle or prone to breakage. The lead is slightly dry and matte (it's somewhere between waxy and powdery), which makes it perfect for sketching into sparse areas without looking drawn on. It's also a universal color, no red tones, which makes it perfect for the lightest of brown brows to the darkest.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, $7.99 at Ulta.  I did a review about this one earlier last month.  I can't say enough good things about this concealer.  I like it better than the $40 YSL Touche Eclat, and I never thought I'd say that.  I've been on the fence about drugstore makeup for years until this year when I started watching more youtube and beauty bloggers' reviews.  I like the color, the consistency, and most of all the price. For $36 cheaper, it's hands down a great product!

Last but not least my favorite perfume for fall:

Lancome La vie est belle, $50ish.  I'm not really sure of the price.  I'm assuming anywhere between $50-100, depending on the bottle size.  I first learned about this fragrance through a magazine swatch, you know the samples you rip open, rub all over yourself, throw away and then forget about? Yeah, except I didn't rub it on myself, I just kept it on my desk and smelled it everyday.  Anytime I wanted to smell something good, I pulled that baby out and gave it a whiff.  My husband bought it for me almost a month ago, and I've used it everyday since then.  If you like sweet scents, you'll love this one.  My husband says it reminds him of cotton candy, and I love me some cotton candy.

What are your favorites for this month?
Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Marilyn Monroe by MAC debut! ~sold out~

Can you believe the Marilyn Monroe lipstick collection by MAC is already sold out online.  Why wouldn't they?  They're beautiful classic colors.  I'm going to get my hands on these babies somewhere, but in the meantime check out the collection on  I will also do a haul/review video and blog entry soon.  Have a great day!

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~LUSH Ocean Salt~ Fall exfoliation

It's the first week of fall, and you know what that and hibernation.  No really, when it comes to beauty, fall is the time when I begin exfoliating my body regularly.  I've been at the lake all summer and despite wearing globs of sunscreen, I still managed to burn.  Well now I need to scrub all of the dead skin that my body isn't naturally shedding. As you get older your body's skin renewal process takes longer so instead of a 20-something's every  26-28 day renewal, 30+ slows down and the body tends to hold on to more dead skin cells rendering the skin dull and lifeless.  Well thank goodness there are products on the market to help speed along the process.  My favorite for the last few months has been LUSH Ocean Salt. It's grainy enough to do the job, but not abrasive. It's also not greasy, which I can appreciate especially since I tried Fresh's exfoliation and didn't like it. It left me feeling like a greaser. Back to Lush, they finally opened a Lush store here in Albuquerque a little over a month ago, and it just love their products.  They're all natural, smell great, and are reasonably priced. 

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Maybelline's Olive Martini Quad * Best Buy of the Month*

Maybelline's Olive Martini Eyeshadow Quad has been a Youtube sensation for a while now, and when I went to CVS yesterday and saw it I thought I'd give it a try considering it was the last one.  I tried the colors this morning and I loooove it! The darker "green" is actually a burgundy/brown with a hint of green just a shade lighter than the darkest color, which was surprisingly delightful.  As I was applying it, my teenage daughter walked into my bathroom and said, ooh! I want to try it.  So I applied the surprising green color to her crease, and WOW it makes green eyes look fabulous. All four of these colors have a great formulation.  They are all pigmented, blendable, and wear nicely.
Overall, this is one of the best eyeshadow quads I've seen Maybelline release.  I think it is worth scooping up just for the middle two shades... both are unique and hard to find in other brands.  These quads retail for roughly $9, but at CVS I picked up the quad and a lipstick for $16 and got $3 in extra bucks. So I paid $13.  Let me know if there are any eyeshadows that you've picked up lately that you love!

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Lake Beauty

Happy Labor Day weekend, Yay!!!  I hope everyone has fun plans for this last unofficial weekend of summer...booo:(  Today I wanted to touch base on a topic that I really haven't found info for-Lake Beauty.
What to take to the lake.  Well I've been going to the lake every other weekend this whole summer so I pretty much have it down to an art.  I know a lot of you are thinking, really? Beauty at the lake? Of course! Why not?!  Now I don't mean wearing globs of makeup and furs, but what I consider essentials.  I like to look good always, even if it's just to the grocery store, you just never know. 

What I pack:

3 day weekend: 
*3 pairs of mesh shorts
*3-4 tank tops
*2-3 bathing suits
*1-2 cover ups
* 2 pairs of flip flops
*2-3 pairs of sunglasses
*1-2 hats

*Sunscreen (very important~one for face and one for body) 2-3 bottles
*Travel size
  -face wash & face wipes
  -toner/ eye make up remover (for waterproof mascara)
  -eye cream
  -body lotion/ soap/ razor
  -tooth brush/ toothpaste
  -floss picks
  -brush/comb/ hairspray
  -elastic bands/ head bands
  - feminine products (just in case)
  -Cotton balls and q-tips
  -tweezers ( for eyebrows, or in case of splinter)
  -Nail clipper and file (someone always asks me one)
  -deodorizer for the bathroom
  -first aid kit
  -bug zappers

*Tinted moisturizer w/spf
*ysl concealer
*bronzer- chanel cream bronzer
*cream blush
*1- cream eyeshadow and primer (rubinesque from Mac)
*gloss--maybelline baby lips
*ysl mascara

A very minimal look, but still looks fresh.  I'm in my 30's so I don't wake up looking fabulous, I gotta work at it a little:)  I also pack a phone charger, camera, wallet, book, ipod, and phone, towels, wash cloths, and laundry bags.

**Ear plugs are a must if you're a light sleeper like me.  Guys can get pretty loud when they get together, so when I tuck in early, I have to have ear plugs.I also bring my own pillow with me, satin pillowcase of course.  The bed in the camper is comfortable, but having my pillow makes it that much better.  That's what I take to the lake...I take a lot more, such as food and drinks, but these are what I take every time and I don't miss a thing.  Take care guys and have a safe and wonderful weekend!  Please comment and let me know what you take...

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Must have beauty tool!

I just ordered this from Neiman Marcus a few weeks ago, and I love it!  I colored my hair back to its natural color, so I needed a color that would closely match my eyebrows to my hair color.  This brow pencil is a universal shade and the application is amazing... it creates a naturally polished look for women of every skin tone and hair color.

  •

MAC and Marilyn!

Excited to report that Mac Cosmetics is debuting their special makeup collection inspired by Marilyn Monroe's glam beauty. The limited-edition line (in partnership with Authentic Brands Group) includes nearly 30 products -- eye shadow, lipstick (think retro red and hot pink), nail lacquer and eyeliner -- and will arrive in stores in October.

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Beauty tip: This one's a keeper

Look down at a mirror when you're applying eyeliner.  When you look down into a mirror your eyes stay open, as opposed to looking straight at it.  It works perfect every time.  So if you're having a hard time getting the lines straight like I was doing, try this and let me know how it works for you!  Have a great Tuesday!

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July Favorites!

Wow, this month flew by!  Just seemed like I did June Favorites.  Anyway, I hope you all had a great month and cheers to another.  Let me just start by saying I had a lot of favorites this month, but I will only name my absolute favorites, products that I could use all year long.


Shower gel: Earth Lovers Apricot & Basil Shower Gel from The Body Shop, $10.  It is sulphate, paraben, colorant and soap free.  This has a fantastic scent and it lathers well.

Lotion Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion, Whole Foods, $10-11. I've been using this for two months now. Very hydrating, but never oily.

Perfume: Okay so maybe I can't use this all year long, but I will definitely use it until September 21, or until someone tells me I smell fruity during Thanksgiving! It's Lollia Wish Eau de Parfum, $48, Neiman Marcus.  I received a sample in my birchbox and fell in love with it.  My mom also had the hand lotion, so that basically sealed the deal because I had a bigger sample to test from. 


Moisturizer: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Base, $52, Dillards.  This moisturizer is a little pricey, but I like the consistency.  I have combination skin, so it's moisturizing enough for my dry and oily areas without leaving a film.  It also has a primer in it, so whenever I'm not using a BB cream, I use this.

Eye Cream: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, $46, Dillards.  This has been working really well under my makeup, no creasing!  Although I'm still in search of the miracle eye cream that will brighten and take the puffiness away instantaneously.  Until then I'll use this one.

Foundation: I have too many to name.  Pretty soon, I'll list them all in another post.

Powder: Nars Pressed Powder.  Not sure of the price, but I would assume anywhere between $25-35 for it.  I've hit pan on my powder and that's rare for me.  I usually use so many powders that I don't give any certain one time to hit pan. <3 it="it" love="love" p="p">

MascaraYSL Shocking Mascara, $30, Neiman Marcus.  I talk about this mascara in one of my videos.  You have to wipe off some of the product on a tissue before applying, otherwise you'll have tarantula eyes, which is fine if you prefer that look.  I on the other hand, like a more natural, False eyelash look.  It has true staying power as well, except when I jumped in the lake the other day and it ran a bit, but nothing horrid.  For a waterproof mascara, try my favorite, Fairydrops Scandal Queen at Sephora.

Lips: I've been loving The Dior Addict Lip Glow, $30, Sephora. It's your lips only better!  Love it forever!!!

Tool: Nars Eyelash Curler, $20, Neiman Marcus.  I love this more than the Shu Eumera Eyelash curler, yeah I said it!  I love the black and it feels light and airy like titanium. So exquisite!

That's it, those are my July favorites. Tell me what your favorites are.  Don't forget to watch my Youtube channel, cyberta888, and follow me on  xoxo

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Loving this self-tanner!

I just bought the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse from Sephora, $30 for 4oz. and I already love it.  I put some on my face last night to even out the color between my chest and my face so that I wouldn't have to buy a foundation that's too out of my color range, and this worked perfectly.  Here is the description from Sephora's website for a more technical glance:

What it is:
A super-lightweight, easy-to-apply, velvety mousse that dries in 60 seconds and delivers a rich-bronze tan.

What it does:
This lightweight mousse delivers a rich-bronze tan and is infused with conditioning aloe vera. You will get a perfectly natural looking, streak-free tan that dries in 60 seconds. The innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
- Triclosan

What it is:
A super-lightweight, easy-to-apply, velvety mousse that dries in 60 seconds and delivers a rich-bronze tan.

What it does:
This lightweight mousse delivers a rich-bronze tan and is infused with conditioning aloe vera. You will get a perfectly natural looking, streak-free tan that dries in 60 seconds. The innovative Aromaguard™ fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates
- Triclosan

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Beauty tip of the century!

Ok, so maybe not the century...but this tip certainly can't be beat when it comes to makeup.
One of the best beauty tips: Match your foundation to your chest, not your neck.  I'm sure some of you know this, but you'd be surprised how many women don't.  It's always best to have two foundations, one for the summer and one for every other time of the year. Now that our skin gets a little more color in the summer, matching your foundation to your chest is crucial.  This prevents you from wasting your favorite Nars Laguna bronzer or any other bronzer you adore, and you'll be less orange! Just make sure to blend, blend blend, especially down into your neck.  Nevertheless it won't look like your wearing a mask and your makeup will look natural and effortless.  Have a great Monday!!! Comment below, and check out my youtube page for more tidbits.

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BB creams, the new beauty must-have!

When I heard about BB creams, I have to be honest, I had no idea what they were or why they were becoming so popular until I recently purchased three.  BB creams, if you don't know, are the new miracle all-in-one magic potion.  BB creams, also known as, Blemish Balm, or Beauty Balm, originated in Germany by a dermatologist named Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1950's.  The cream was initially used to protect skin after cosmetic procedures and surgeries, while also providing minimal coverage.
It was introduced to the Asian markets in the 80's and has been a beauty secret of theirs for quite some time...until now.
 It is a multitasking wonder- moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock in one.  In Asia, their formulation contains lightening agents, whereas in the US it's not emphasized as much.
When I initially set out on my BB hunt, I had my eye on the Maybelline BB cream, but they were out of my color, light/med.  So when I stopped by my local Sephora, I bought the Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream, SPF 45, 1.5 fl oz, $39.  This particular brand has quickly become a best seller among BB creams.  I put it on yesterday and today, and I just love it.  It brightened my skin while providing a natural coverage.  I also love that it takes out the middle man in prepping (separate moisturizer, primer, sunscreen).  Obviously, if you like more coverage, I recommend wearing this under your foundation, but I just use concealer for added coverage wherever needed.

The second BB cream I purchased was the Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier in Light, $10.49 at CVS.  I wanted to compare a drugstore brand to the higher-end brand, so I opted for this one.  I did a side by side comparison and the Loreal looked good; however, the Dr. Jart provided a sheen which brightened my skin and that was more attractive to me than the Loreal.  What I didn't like about the Loreal was the formulation itself.  It had a weird grayish color, like something I would use to patch holes in a wall, and the "beautifying beads" which feel like a gentle exfoliation when applied.  Winner: Dr. Jart+.  I will use this product everyday, and use the Loreal, say when I'm going to the gym or to the lake, but I wouldn't use it all of the time.

The third BB cream I bought (finally) was the Maybelline BB cream, $7.49 at Target, but it wasn't for me, it was for my daughter.  She has an olive complexion, and the medium shade was a great match.  My daughter doesn't wear foundation because she likes a more(very) natural look, but this looked great on her and she loves it.  She came into my bathroom this morning and said, "Mom, I really like that stuff." I said, "what stuff?"  Then I knew what she was talking about. Overall, I'm very happy with the BB creams I bought, especially the Dr. Jart+.  I still want to try the Maybelline BB cream in my color.  I also ordered the BB cream from Sulhwasoo, an Asian brand that contains the lightening agents.  My skin is hyper-pigmented in some areas, and I'm wondering if this will make a difference.  I will test these products and do a review soon. Thank you for reading and let me know if you're using a BB cream that you love!

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