~LUSH Ocean Salt~ Fall exfoliation

It's the first week of fall, and you know what that means...food and hibernation.  No really, when it comes to beauty, fall is the time when I begin exfoliating my body regularly.  I've been at the lake all summer and despite wearing globs of sunscreen, I still managed to burn.  Well now I need to scrub all of the dead skin that my body isn't naturally shedding. As you get older your body's skin renewal process takes longer so instead of a 20-something's every  26-28 day renewal, 30+ slows down and the body tends to hold on to more dead skin cells rendering the skin dull and lifeless.  Well thank goodness there are products on the market to help speed along the process.  My favorite for the last few months has been LUSH Ocean Salt. It's grainy enough to do the job, but not abrasive. It's also not greasy, which I can appreciate especially since I tried Fresh's exfoliation and didn't like it. It left me feeling like a greaser. Back to Lush, they finally opened a Lush store here in Albuquerque a little over a month ago, and it just love their products.  They're all natural, smell great, and are reasonably priced. 



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