"9 reasons why I LOVE my husband"

This year I decided to do the 12 days of Christmas with my husband.  Counting down from the 14th of December to Christmas day I have to come up with a creative way to show him how much I care.  So far this is what I've come up with:

Day 12 he received a 24 month subscription to Muscle Magazine .I chose 24, well for no apparent reason other than it's 2x 12.  It was that or a dozen cookies, although I think he might have appreciated the cookies instead.

Day 11 I chose to take him to see the Hobbit.  There are double B's in Hobbit as there are double 1's in 11.

Day 10 I uploaded a playlist of the 10 songs that reminded me of him.

Day 9 is today so I decided to do a blog post titled "9 reasons why I love my husband." I could do over 100, but I had to narrow it down to fit with the theme.

So here they are:

9. I love that you talk baby with me, even though you probably think it's silly.

8. I love the way you voice sounds over the phone.

7. I love that you have big hands but a gentle touch.

6. I love your ambition, hard work and determination.

5. I love how you demand respect but are not controlling.

4. I love that you take care of us.

3. I love how I would do anything in this world to make you happy.

2. I love how you would do anything in this world to make me happy.

1. I love you for you!



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