BB creams, the new beauty must-have!

When I heard about BB creams, I have to be honest, I had no idea what they were or why they were becoming so popular until I recently purchased three.  BB creams, if you don't know, are the new miracle all-in-one magic potion.  BB creams, also known as, Blemish Balm, or Beauty Balm, originated in Germany by a dermatologist named Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 1950's.  The cream was initially used to protect skin after cosmetic procedures and surgeries, while also providing minimal coverage.
It was introduced to the Asian markets in the 80's and has been a beauty secret of theirs for quite some time...until now.
 It is a multitasking wonder- moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock in one.  In Asia, their formulation contains lightening agents, whereas in the US it's not emphasized as much.
When I initially set out on my BB hunt, I had my eye on the Maybelline BB cream, but they were out of my color, light/med.  So when I stopped by my local Sephora, I bought the Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream, SPF 45, 1.5 fl oz, $39.  This particular brand has quickly become a best seller among BB creams.  I put it on yesterday and today, and I just love it.  It brightened my skin while providing a natural coverage.  I also love that it takes out the middle man in prepping (separate moisturizer, primer, sunscreen).  Obviously, if you like more coverage, I recommend wearing this under your foundation, but I just use concealer for added coverage wherever needed.

The second BB cream I purchased was the Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier in Light, $10.49 at CVS.  I wanted to compare a drugstore brand to the higher-end brand, so I opted for this one.  I did a side by side comparison and the Loreal looked good; however, the Dr. Jart provided a sheen which brightened my skin and that was more attractive to me than the Loreal.  What I didn't like about the Loreal was the formulation itself.  It had a weird grayish color, like something I would use to patch holes in a wall, and the "beautifying beads" which feel like a gentle exfoliation when applied.  Winner: Dr. Jart+.  I will use this product everyday, and use the Loreal, say when I'm going to the gym or to the lake, but I wouldn't use it all of the time.

The third BB cream I bought (finally) was the Maybelline BB cream, $7.49 at Target, but it wasn't for me, it was for my daughter.  She has an olive complexion, and the medium shade was a great match.  My daughter doesn't wear foundation because she likes a more(very) natural look, but this looked great on her and she loves it.  She came into my bathroom this morning and said, "Mom, I really like that stuff." I said, "what stuff?"  Then I knew what she was talking about. Overall, I'm very happy with the BB creams I bought, especially the Dr. Jart+.  I still want to try the Maybelline BB cream in my color.  I also ordered the BB cream from Sulhwasoo, an Asian brand that contains the lightening agents.  My skin is hyper-pigmented in some areas, and I'm wondering if this will make a difference.  I will test these products and do a review soon. Thank you for reading and let me know if you're using a BB cream that you love!

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