Victoria's Secret Pink store inside Cowboys stadium!

 I'm so glad to be reporting this because I've been looking online at for the perfect game top and I haven't been able to find one.  I knew VS had some stuff online, but they've added much more to their selection recently, and now they've VS Pink has opened a store in the Cowboys stadium.  Woohoo! My husband likes the cowboys, so naturally I had to follow suit to keep the peace in the clan, but this makes it so much easier to like them even MORE!!!! What better way for cowboys fans (46% women) to spend halftime than shopping.  They have team-themed T-shirts and sweatshirts to sports bras and lingerie.
Let's face it ladies, we just want to be supportive and look sexy doing it! I hate wearing over sized jerseys, the cut is always wrong, the material is heavy, it smells funny and it makes me look heavier than I am.
Other teams have collaborated with Pink, but the Cowboys are the first team to launch a major store in the stadium.  What's better than blinged-out sweatshirts — and even Cowboys-themed thongs and bras, well...Margaritas come in a close second.

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