Happy NEW YEAR!  Another year has passed and hopefully your life is fulfilled and your glowy as ever!  I was in Cabo San Lucas this past week and I noticed an alarming trend!  Young girls and Older women alike tanning their beautiful faces.  Nothing wrong with a good tan!  Let's get serious though...most of these women looked like they had been on the griddle for a few hours.  Years and even days after choices like these can and will cause substantial damage to your skin.  

Saggy, wrinkly and crocodile skin are just a few among many presents the sun likes to offer.  We won't even get into skin cancer right now!   If your going to tan or need a tan...Do what I do!  Get a Mystic Tan or apply a self-tanner on prior to vacation.  If you must tan outside on the beach or poolside, use an extremely high SPF and apply it first to the most sensitive areas of your body, ie...neck, chest, shoulders, hands and feet.  Never tan your face, and always wear sunscreen!



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