Shopaholic found dead underneath piles of clothes!

A 77 year old woman was found dead in her home, in England, in an unusual circumstance. When friends hadn't heard from their friend in awhile, they went to her house to make contact. To their surprise the door was open and inside a grisly discovery. Joanne Cunnane was found dead of natural causes under piles of clothes and purchases from years of shopping. Investigators discovered that Joanne was an elderly shopaholic with nothing to do during the day, but shop. The neighborhood kids bothered her, and shopping made her feel good. So she would leave in the morning and return at night as if she were working a full time job. In fact, she had spent those hours shopping, everyday! Investigators said her house was completely packed from floor to ceiling with clothes and purchases.
Wow, I thought I was bad!!!

A word to all women...please do something more valuable with your time! This is tragic, and shopping fills an emotional void for the moment, but does not provide lasting fulfillment like most people believe. The long lasting fulfillment comes from within! So work on yourself and not your credit card.



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