~Diet Update~

So I feel a little better today, not so hungry but sore! I'm 1/2 a pound less than I was yesterday which brings me less than a pound closer to my goal weight. I can't imagine next month when I get rid of the water weight how much my weight will drastically go down. *Women carry anywhere between 5-10lbs of water weight. However, I know what I've lost is not water weight considering I drink at least a gallon a day. My next feat after I get to my goal weight, is losing body fat! That's the hardest thing to do. I'm slowly working on it, but muscle tone takes time to build, and hopefully soon I'll be in the range of 12-15% body fat. I'm a little more than that now, although I'm getting tested tonight to be sure....scary! My motivator today was the fact I could see my ab muscles poking through...uh oh...I must be doing something right. Honestly I haven't seen them since I was 24. Wasn't even sure they still exsisted..lol. I got a great tip from Karen today, one of my blog readers. She suggested 100% Whole Grain Pretzels from Unique Pretzel Bakery to stave off hunger, and get this they digest as a vegetable...interesting! Thanks Karen...I'll look into that! If you have anymore diet tips that have worked for you, please send them my way!!!





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