Get Carrie Underwood's ACM Makeup!

Carrie Underwood arrived at the 44th annual Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards with her makeup done with a classic, subdued glamour.
She chose the eyes to emphasize, and what a smart girl she is, because they look absolutely gorgeous.

To recreate Carrie Underwood's makeup from the ACM awards, start with a soft and subtle, but slightly shimmery eye shadow. Smash Box Eyeshadow in Champagne, works well for almost all skin tones, and should be swept from the lash line up to the brow bone.
To make the eyes pop more than any other feature, use a black eyeliner pencil on both the upper and lower innner rim of the eye. This works anytime you want your eyes to look sharp, colorful and focused.
Along the top lash line, use a black or dark grey liquid eyeliner to create a look that starts out thicker on the outside, disappearing into a thin line on the innner corner of the eye. An angle brush makes this sort of liquid eyeliner application a million times easier. Finish the eyes with two or three thin coats of your favorite mascara, and, add a pair of false eyelashes, just like Carrie Underwood is wearing.
To create the appearance of flawless skin, apply your cream or liquid foundation. Powder foundations are fine, too, but will not provide the same natural finish seen in Carrie Underwood's makeup.
Dust a soft spring color, such as Lorac's Pink just below the apple of the cheek and upward all the way to the temple. Fill in the lip with a nude lip pencil, a lip-toned lipstick, and finish off with a light coat of clear lipgloss or vaseline.



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