Woman gets burned from dyeing hair!!!

Imagine this happening to you?! Ladies this is why it is so important to do a skin test before dyeing your hair at home. Susan Taylor, a 55-year old British woman suffered extensive burning and scabbing after using a popular at home hair-dye kit.
She was hospitalized and given antihistamines and steroids before the symptoms began to subdue more than a week later.
Taylor, has been dyeing her hair since she was 17, and even used this product, Garnier Nutrisse Kit, before, but has never had anything like this happen to her before.
A spokesman for L'Oréal, the company that owns Garnier, said, "We were very sorry to hear of Mrs. Taylor's recent experience ... Mrs. Taylor's experience shows how important it is to carry out a skin allergy test 48 hours before using the colorant each and every time." How sad!!!!



BeverlyD Hair Party said...

Exposure to sun and other harmful chemicals may cause hair and skin damage. It is best to use a product that is 100% organic for it can penetrate to the follicle to balance, correct and restore your hair and skin's youth and vitality.

I'd like to recommend "Appreciation" Pre-Shampoo Treatment, it contains pure jojoba oil that comes from a bean grown in Mexico. You'll gonna love it :D

April 15, 2009 at 6:01 PM

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