Hair Color Secrets!

"Most women think that drastically changing their hair color, either going much lighter or darker, will make them appear younger, fresher, and renewed," says Louis Licari owner of hair salons in NY and Beverly Hills. "But it doesn't." However, the "right" hair color can take off years.

Young looking hair is seen as vibrant with a lot of color variations that change in the light. As we age, our hair loses its richness and becomes blah! So the key is to focus on "shine," not color. Use a clear glaze for a glossy effect, or a colored one to conceal grays. If you're a dark brunette, stay with rich tones. If you're a warm blonde, keep to golden hues. Playing with a completely different color, your hair will fight it until it completely oxidizes the color turning it a brassy orange(that will make you look well over 200 years old overnight)! So focus on shine, only go a shade or two lighter than your natural, and never go black. That's the worse color for women, (look at this pic of fergie, black hair makes her look old and very blah!) So unless you don't mind looking like Mortitia Adams, stay within the boundaries. *Golden Rule: If you have to put on more makeup to make your new color work, you've picked the wrong shade.




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