Barbie Tan???

I read an article in one of my fitness magazines about a new drug called Melanotan II, or the Barbie Tan. Get this, it's an injection that makes you "tan"(no more tanning beds or spray tans), decreases your apetite, and raises sexual libido! Everyone is aware of the harmful risks tanning beds and outside UV exposure cause. So tan hungry scientists invented a drug where you could be tan without having to go outiside and risk the chance of getting cancer, or even worse wrinkles! What they discovered to their surprise is it greatly reduced appetites on test subjects and they became sexually aroused. Wow, a drug that can get you tan, skinny, and horny all in one stab! Wait now! Sound to good to be true? Well for me, the inconvenience outweighs the benefit. Sigma-Aldrich the supply house for the drug, is closely regulated in the US and it offers this premium drug, you got it, at a premium price. The Barbie Drug is available for $113 per mg (and we're talking about a DAILY injection people).

*Chinese manufacturers tried mixing the chemicals using cheaper materials, causing many reported cases of poisoining, even deaths!
However, testers have reported great results with minor side effects, and have decreased their daily dosage to only twice a week. I couldn't imagine sticking myself with a needle daily, twice a week, or at all for a tan! It's ridiculous the things people come up with. That's advancement in medicine for ya!

What does this say to our kids...Don't stick yourself with "that" drug, stick yourself with "this" drug! OK. To those of you who are insanely rich or just insane and would like to use this drug, please educate yourselves in the use and risks before that first injection. Would be a shame to see scrawny, orange, horny people running around! For more info check out




vhien12 said...

I've article about melanotan. But I guess,there is nothing wrong about trying to have that sexy tan even if it is not yet proven to be totally safe. And it is also marketed online, I've visited buymelanotanii site and got this discount code(bm2tana1) and whooo! I availed 10% discount on mtan ii vial. I think this is a good news to tanatics. Shipping is great,I got it without hassle through PayPal payment. Hope you guys view melanotan's great side.

January 21, 2010 at 9:05 PM
melanotan - afamelanotide said...

Hey there Cyberta,

There's big news!

melanotan-1 (afamelanotide / Scenesse) has gotten the OK as a medicine for EPP sufferers in Italy. The drug allows them to develop a photoprotective layer of pigmentation to alleviate the photosensitive burning they ordinarily are subjected to by any exposure to sunlight.

more info (videos, etc.): melanotan-1 Scenesse

It probably won't be too long before it will be approved in Europe, Australia, and the U.S.

Take care

May 28, 2010 at 7:09 PM
melanotan - afamelanotide said...

Oh! And the article you read which inspired this blog entry is actually online here:

Melanotan II: The New Underground Tanning Drug


May 28, 2010 at 7:11 PM

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