Celebs Photoshopped!!!

Who would've thought that Ms. Kim K could be photoshopped. Come on ladies! Ms. Booty has lots of Booty and when you have lots of booty, lots of cellulite comes with it... It's just amazing to me why editors have to correct images to sell magazines. In our fantasy laden world, reality has gone by the wayside; but when you look in the mirror...reality kicks you right in your face!!! Not to mention your ass. We shouldn't be critical of ourselves because of these fake images we see. It's good that we get to see these images....these stars aren't perfect and neither are their bodies. Do you remember Madonna's photo fiasco? Horrible!!! She's one person that needs to be photoshopped! She has definitely lost touch with reality!




LLnL said...

Cool post and stumble worthy. I hope to be back soon.

April 1, 2009 at 2:04 PM

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