Cellulite Remedy Part 1

Cellulite is caused primarily by hormones, and estrogen is the main culprit. Or if your mother has it, your more likely to get it, the other culprit: Genetics.
The cause, whether hormonal or genetically, is weakened blood vessels. Okay so, vocab lesson: The epidermis is the top layer of the skin, it contains all the things we love to hate; dry cells, spider veins, CELLULITE, BUT and its a really big BUT; it's also an important defense against damage from the sun's rays and other environmental stresses.

The dermis: Makes up the bulk of our skin. It gives it resiliency; it contains the blood vessels(ha! the culprit)nerves, connective tissue, glands and some other mumbo jumbo.
"A healthy dermis shows up as tight, firm skin." "An unhealthy dermis shows up as wrinkles and sags." See the difference.

To repair cellulite, we need to strengthen and hydrate the cells and connective tissues in our body, (not burn it or suck it out), by feeding them (that's right) the nutrients and water they need to stay healthy! Stay tuned ladies, the best is yet to come....What type of Nutrients you say???

Nutrients Part 2...to be continued...





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