Oprah On E! He will hit you again!

From time to time I will add some hollywood gossip to my site or an issue I feel needs to be addressed, because I love it!

My daughter, an aspiring singer, absolutely adores Rihanna and was saddened to hear she had been beaten by another singer she loved as well, Chris Brown. As a parent I had to end the madness! So I told her she's not allowed to listen to either one of them, their music... These girls don't realize how many little girls look up to them! How sad! Love shouldn't hurt and domestic violence is not beautiful! Rihanna is a beautiful girl, and I can't understand why she will allow that freak to hit her again! Oprah says it loud and clear!



Monique said...

You're so right. I don't understand why she went back with him, really. You did well forbidding your girl to listen to him. No girl should allow a guy to treat her like that. She should have left him once and for all.

March 11, 2009 at 5:13 PM

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