Bikini Countdown: Next 5 steps

Here are the next five steps in my Bikini Countdown List...

6. Six small meals a day including snacks(that is breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus three.

*Do not skip meals, as you will make up the calories by eating junk later...
*Do not binge eat...Pack healthy snacks in order to avoid bad food, Fast food, hoho's, fudge brownie smothered in whip cream and chocolate sauce! Oh sorry, gotta little carried away there...ok where was I oh yes, healthy food....

7. For muscle tone(which is what BURNS fat) you need at least 20 minutes of strength training, three times a week. You don't have to go to the gym to achieve this. You can do crunches, push-ups, lunges, squats at home, or on a fabulous yacht like my friend overseas Mrs. Maria Cristina...
*A few dumbells and an exercise ball is all you need to start toning up.

8. Drink 8 glasses or 4-16oz water bottles of water a day...Whichever way is easier for you to process. This will help flush out those cellulite toxins from our body!

9. Write down your progress. I hate doing this because it makes me realize how much crap I'm eating, but then I can always refer back to it when I don't know where the extra weight came from.

10. Number 10 is 12. Keep this up for 12 weeks... What if you don't have 12 weeks?

I'll fill you in next week on how to lose stubborn pounds in a flash!




Anonymous said...

I always try to snack on dried mangos or cranberries, as the sweetness lets you feel you are having a treat without all the calories of a snickers bar...Also recommend getting fit outside the home (if you dare) using park benches for dips and doing lunges up hill. xoxox M

March 20, 2009 at 3:54 PM

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