Cellulite Remedy Part 3--Prevention

You can prevent damage to your cells and connective tissues- which causes cellulite-from occuring in the first place. One of the most destructive effects of internal and environmental damage to our skin are free radicals. Free radicals are rampaging cells that are damaging in many forms! Uv radiation from the sun or tanning beds, pollution, cigarette smoking and the smoke itself, stress/depression, lack of sleep, poor diet and even everyday bodily functions such as breathing are all sources of free radicals.

How can we prevent damage from occuring if we must rely on breathing to survive? Well, there are free radicals we can control such as not smoking and staying out of the sun, but for the others we can't--we fight them! Fight with what? I'm glad you asked, they're called Antioxidants.

Antioxidants are a wide range of naturally occuring substances in our body constantly working to disarm free radicals. Not all are created naturally and; therefore, must be supplemented. What do we supplement with? Injections of course!
No I'm teasing, but I'm glad you're awake!

We supplement with Antioxidant Sources:

*Vitamin C: citrus fruits, goji berries**

Vitamin E: Whole grains breads, grains, and nuts.

Vitamin A:(beta carotene) carrots, and other orange & yellow fruits.

Polyphenols: Green tea(my fav), red and purple grapes, pomegranites.

*Vitamin C can also be applied to the skin; found in creams, etc.,

**Goji berrries, know as are called dimple-free berries, has 500x more Vitamin C than citrus. They originated from Mongolia and Tibet, and can be found online for purchase. They are known as a super antioxidants. In villages, where these berries are found and eaten daily, people have been known to live to 200. Well, not quite 200, but well over 100. So take your vitamins, eat your fruits and veggies, and hold on tight for my next article... Part 2 of Part 3:) Uncovering a Younger You!





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